Our Mission

Why We Do
What We Do

By providing prospective candidates with the right assets to promote and expand their platforms, Ready to Run aims to level the playing field for leaders who speak for the people. Limited access to information is the primary obstacle for politicians who need the support of the communities they serve – we will help grant them access to those communities. The purpose of giving candidates this access is to increase voter participation and help them keep the finger on the pulse of the community.

Helping the right leaders win elections is our primary goal, but Ready to Run was not founded by people who love winning elections; it was founded by people who love Georgia, and will take the initiative to make change happen from the driver’s seat. Our mission is to find and encourage potential leaders, support them through an intentional decision-making process and prepare them to get involved and lead in public service.

Our Core Pillars

Ready to Run seeks to accomplish our goals for Georgia by providing services available
to anyone with the desire to push further. Through our acceptance of candidates from all walks,
we seek to increase the threshold of representation in the public seats that represent the
interests of our communities.

Core Pillars

We engage organizational partners and diverse community stakeholders to identify and recruit leaders with the potential to serve in elected or appointed office.


We educate future leaders with high-quality beginning to advanced campaign skills training for municipal and state level candidates and their campaign staff.


We encourage potential leaders, supporting them through and intentional decision-making process and preparing them to run for elected office, position themselves for appointed office, or get involved and lead in public service.


We provide ongoing coaching and technical assistance support to reinforce key skills for candidates and their staff post-training.